9/11: In Remembrance

red, white and beautiful :) 
With so many tragic images flooding news programs over the past week and throughout the upcoming weekend, I thought it fitting to create a more upbeat tribute to our beautiful country by scanning Pinterest for more patriotic inspiration. First of all- let me express that I, in no way, am trying to ignore the tragedy that was 9.11.01. My heart breaks for every single person that lost a loved one that day, or in the days following. My heart continues to break for this entire country when I see a newscaster or interviewee get choked up when having to speak candidly about the day on camera. Although ten years has passed, it is clear that the memory is very much alive in all of our hearts. As sad as that is to realize, shedding a few tears here and there seems so small a sacrifice when one thinks about just how many tears continue to be shed by the families of the victims and the heroic New Yorkers that were present in lower Manhattan that brisk September day.

On my way home from IKEA last night, I passed a house completely decked out in red, white and blue Christmas lights. At first, I was confused, thinking that these people decorated for the 4th of July and still haven't took their lights down in September. Then, I realized they were simply attempting to shed a little patriotism on the neighborhood, and I thought how fantastic it would be if this caught on around America. What more fitting of a time to remind our friends and neighbors using lights, signs and decorations that we are America. We are 'strong and determined and generous.'

Passing that house got me to thinking about 9/11, remembering where I was that day, and realizing that I'll probably remember for the rest of my life what I will be doing on the 10 year anniversary of the attacks this year. I have been to New York City three times and below three pictures from my trips. The first is a picture from near Ellis Island just four months before the attack. The second is of Ground Zero from the spring of 2003. I actually had to leave the area on that trip because I got so emotional. The third and fourth are from this July when J and I visited Ground Zero again (I snuck my camera inside the fence, shhh). If some of you aren't familiar with the story of St. Paul's Chapel which is directly across the street from the former WTC, Google it.

Also, while you're at it, check out this 9/11 infographic. I looove infographics.

Have you been to New York City since the attacks? Where were you on 9.11.01? What are your feelings at the tenth anniversary approaches? 

ny harber | spring 2001
ground zero | spring 2003
ground zero | summer 2011
St. Paul's Chapel has seen it all.

Collage photo credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Never forget,

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