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Two weekends ago, J and I took a trip with my dad and little sister to Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece: Fallingwater. This gorgeous home is located about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, and is well worth the drive. I had been there once before, but this was J's first trip. Neither of us are huge architecture buffs (unlike my dad) but it does not take a well-trained eye to understand how amazing this home is, from the details of the architecture to the natural beauty of the chosen location.

The modern mountain dwelling served as a weekend home for the Kaufmann family for approximately 25 years. Each room in the house was restored to the way it looked when the Kaufmanns lived there, down to the very last detail. In the living room, a metallic serving tray holding vintage liquor bottles rests on a tree stump 'coffee table' that echos the almost 360 degree view of the surrounding forest. The family member's favorite flower freshly cut and arranged in each of their respective bedrooms. Lacquered stone floors that reflect the natural light in the very same way that the river rushing through the foundation of the structure does. Inspiration in, literally, every corner.

As a designer, I could not help but to feel an overwhelming sense of harmony as I passed from room to room. My eyes darted from one corner to the next. The feeling of contraction in the narrow, dark hallways leading to rooms that seem to expand immediately and explode with natural light. Matching colors used on the textiles to those framing the panes of glass. Counting and counting again the way items in the rooms were visually balanced in the most perfect way. Three shelves spanned the entire parameter of the living room. A perfect semi-circle arched around a hundred year old tree in the entry way. The rule of thirds reflected in every aspect of the design. I left the home feeling so exhausted from all of the measuring and balancing that my eyes did during the hour-long tour. While at the same time, feeling stimulated and inspired.

I enjoyed the car ride home, discussing design concepts with my dad- and asking questions that the tour guide forgot to cover. I am so thankful that such a modern and enchanting piece of history is sitting in Pittsburgh's backyard. I look forward to learning more about Frank Lloyd Wright's genius designs, and visiting the home again someday with an even better understanding of his intentions.

Take a look for yourself, and to schedule a visit click here.