Dream Office Space

I found this gem this morning on Pinterest. The original pin's intention was to be some sort of classroom setup- however, I find this to be the absolute perfect corner design space. I have just enough boxes filled with craft supplies, paint and paper to fill those bookshelves, and I absolutely adore the bold color of the walls. Although, I'd probably pick my corporate color over the bold green. Although I love all of the storage, the part of the space that appeals to me the most is the giant dry erase board on the wall which would be the perfect way to organize, prioritize, and sketch out upcoming projects. I love me some post-it notes. I picture a huge, bright white desk hiding behind those bookshelves that's minimal and clean. The perfect amount of space for my Intuos4 tablet which is currently driving me crazy due to the fact that I have to slide out a keyboard drawer in order to use it. (Awkward angle: whomp, whomp.) Of course, the huge serif-ed cut out of "DO IT" is the perfect final touch to this space, because that truly needs to be every designer's mantra. Maybe someday this space will be mine :)  Thank you again, Pinterest. Love, love, love it.


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