About That Time.

Over the past few weeks, I have been itching to get out of town. There's something about the appeal of a new location, strangers, and things that are out-of-routine that I feel are necessary to my survival right now. Being on a limited budget, I've been trying to figure out ways to keep busy, slash, achieve this by staying in Pittsburgh? Needless to say, semi-impossible.  Take me here, stat.


What are some ways to turn an ordinary day at home into a mini-vacation?

Beaches and bathing suits,

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  1. Find a yummy recipe online & make a pitcher of a new fun drink. Pick up the book you've been meaning to finish or trashy magazines, grab the pitcher, music, and lay outside...why do I not have more time for that? Be a tourist in your own city, check out new exhibits, take your new nephew/niece to the zoo (soon you'll get to do that), bike rides and picnics in the park. I also love buying livingsocial/groupon deals where for 50% off you can check out posh new restaurants and be your own food critic. And the number one way to have a mini-vacation at home is to invite your favorite buffalo friend into town for a visit, get lunch at ikea, and wonder around the city getting into fun but free mischief.


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