"Roughing It"

Over the past weekend, J and I went on a camping trip. Friday morning when we left, I was 100% mentally prepared to 'rough' it out in the wilderness for the weekend. Tennis Shoes, check. Extra-strength bug spray, check. T shirts and sweatpants for campfires, check. Battery-powered outdoor fan/light, check. Marshmallows as big as your fist, check. Margarita maker, check? (Ok, maybe I was 99% mentally prepared to rough it.)

As things turned out, the weather was not on our side this weekend. A heat wave swept across the eastern part of the country this week, so we were left with mid-90 degree temperatures, unbearable humidity, and moderately severe storms in the evenings. Luckily, this camping weekend did not include tents and 3 minute walks to the closest bathroom. We were able to stay safe-and-sound in our 100 square-foot log cabin. Windows shut, air conditioning blasting.

I may not be the most handy or adventurous person when it comes to the outdoors, but if the weather is warm, I like to be outside enjoying it. Sunshine or no sunshine. I spent a lot of time while we were camping on the porch swing of our cabin, trying to enjoy the fresh air and trees, even though I couldn't really be out and about enjoying it, per se. (If you know me well, you know that I am a big fan of porches. Love sitting on them, swinging on them, eating dinner outdoors at restaurants, and will always choose a porch over being indoors.) I will admit, I did not hate the fact that I could bring a fresh-blended margarita with me while I was on this swing, and I did not hate that there was a nice bathroom on the other side of the door.

Here are some photos of some of our indoor camping adventures, including enjoying hours of country music since we were out in the 'country,' playing card games, and the guys attempting to put a hurting on the bottles of spiced rum and gin that we packed for the weekend.

outside of our cabin
futon/seating area + air conditioner ;)

eat in kitchen area/ card table
turtle that I painted during ceramics- lines are shaky because I had WAY too much coffee that morning. 

card game using flat marshmallows as our poker chips

my husband playing NKOTB to his brother-in-law's stomach for the baby... that his sister is having

flat marshmallow being saved as a snack

ET phone home- candle wax dipping late in the night

my faaaaaaaavorite part of the weekend *sigh*

What is your favorite part about camping?  What's your definition of 'roughing it' in the wilderness?

Marshmallows and margaritas,

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