Having the Time...

Having the time to garden has been one of my most favorite parts of spending my summer job searching.  I picked up this habit last year when I wanted to plant flowers in memory of my grandpa, and this year I have done the same. Not only has it made our home look more inviting, it has also proved to be very de-stressing for me. Here's a photo I captured using my phone of my favorite flower that I planted this year- a light pink Lithianthus which were potted in hanging baskets and are now decorating each corner of our screened in porch. I absolutely love this delicate flower with its gorgeous (and feminine) dusty pink hue! I will be sharing more pictures of the house as I work to get it ready for a party we are hosting this weekend in honor of J's best friend R.

Lithianthus, corner of porch, flagpole :)

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