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It seems as though everyone cannot get enough of Pinterest these days. New posts from friends far and near pop up on my pin board, what seems like, every second. Those people that I am near and dear to, I understand and appreciate the things they are pinning, and usually, I like them too. For those who are only acquaintances, I learn things about their interests, style and eating habits that I otherwise might have never known. Perhaps because of general disinterest, or perhaps because of distance.

Over the past few weeks, I have not only grown to appreciate what I learn about my friends through Pinterest, but also what I learn about strangers. "Pinners you Follow" keeps me in the safe realm of people that I know and subjects that I'm familiar with. However, just one more click away is "Everything." Wouldn't you know, that 'everything' really means anything AND everything. Books, jokes, random sculptures, exotic locations, hairstyles of people that I will never meet. The list goes on... and on... and on.

One thing that the "Everything" category has been really great for is discovering new blogs. I used to have a folder of inspirational images that I found on some of my favorite blogs for reference. I used to have an endless list of bookmarks saved in Chrome that I would page through to try to find that one idea for a project that I found 6 months ago. Now I have Pinterest. It's all in one place, organized, categorized and pretty. Woo.  That being said, I wanted to share links to some of my most favorite newly Pinterest-found blogs so that they can be your favorites, too.

Simply Kelly | Design inspirations, lots of interior decorating inspiration, and really fantastic DIY projects.

Joy Ever After |  The typography initially drew me in, but the beautiful images and fun projects keep me coming back.

Where My Heart Resides | Fantastic blog for new moms (for which I am not), beautiful photography and really witty blogging.  I appreciate well-written posts, baby bump or not :)

Chic to Be | Fashion. Makeup. Advertising. Lots of design-related inspiration. Love her style.

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