"Today was my day off so I headed to Hobby Lobby to stock up on some crafting supplies for a DIY date with Jenna. One of the employees, i.e. the same one I frequently ask for opinions, bless her heart, told me “You really are here all the time aren’t you?” and I then proceeded to zig zag up and down every single and incredibly too narrow aisle probably eight or more times. When I got home with close to seven bags bursting at the seams with enough sparkle and glitter to make any child squeal with delight, Apb looked over and I noticed that look coming across his face; the whole how-much-did-you-really-spend-on-tissue-paper-babe look. And instead of feeling guilty, I smiled. Because this is just what I do. And I wouldn’t want it any other way."

This is so inspiring to/comforting of my current lifestyle. If you don't already love this blog, work on it. She's awesome. 

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