Incomplete Wednesdays.

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ABC has done some amazing things for my Wednesday nights. Last summer, I thought that nothing could replace LOST.  I was wrong.  Rather than having one awesome show, they filled the gap with two full hours of hilarious new sitcoms:  The Middle, Better With You, Modern Family, and last but certainly not least, Cougartown. If you do not watch or DVR any of these shows, click on those links above immediately (!) and get caught up on episodes for free on abc.com.  You will absolutely be doing yourself a favor.  Trust me!

I must admit, however, that I am more than disappointed with the fact that my beloved Cougartown is on hiatus until *GASP* April 18th.  Mr. Sunshine, which is completely sub-par to the rest of the Wednesday night shows, its temporarily taking its place.  Yes, you would think that Chandler Bing in a new sitcom would be just as successful as Monica Geller- but you are wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Cougartown is an amazing show because it is extremely relate-able.  I know you are thinking: how do I relate to cougars?  However, do not be thrown off by the name, it is misleading- and they admit that.  (If you watch the show, do you catch the subtitle in the opening credits every time?  Clever!)  The characters are not only hilarious, but I feel like I could be best friends with any of them.  I definitely see qualities of various friendships that I have in each person on the show.  Additionally, some of the things that they do are absolutely ridiculous.  Naming your dog after your son?  Sure.  Throwing pennies into a can and making it a drinking game?  (penny caaaaan)  Check.  Drinking red wine at any time of the day out of a ridiculously large wine glass?  Hello, Big Joe.

Cougartown, come back sooner!  My Wednesdays are incomplete.

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