Friday Finds

the view of the slopes from one of the second floor bedrooms
This week was spent recovering from the awesome ski trip that I went on last weekend with 10 of my close friends. Having the opportunity to get away for the weekend was so refreshing.  As it turned out, it also was not anything that I had expected! The eleven of us rented a 'cabin' at a small-ish ski resort, Peek'n Peak, in western New York state.  Imagine my surprise when we got there to find it fully decked out with 5 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces and a beautiful finished basement. I felt a little silly when I arrived considering that I had advised the group to pack their own toilet paper.  We definitely were not 'roughing it' by any means like I had anticipated.  Some members of our group even spent the day Saturday at the resort spa getting massages and lounging in the indoor/outdoor hot tub.  Not bad!

I, however, spent 6 hours of my Saturday with skis attached to my feet, sliding around the mountain like it was my first day with new legs. Needless to say, on my first break from skiing, I was more than jealous of my friends that were safely stationed at the bottom of the mountain lounging in that hot tub.  It was only my second time skiing, and I felt rather foolish the whole day because the majority of my friends were not beginner-level skiers like I was.  Memories of being stuck in the 'guppy' group during swim lessons at camp when I was young immediately flooded back into my head. Luckily, with more practice, I began to feel more comfortable with the unfamiliar motions, and I was (slowly) able to move around a little better. At the end of the day, it felt good that I at least attempted an activity that I only had done once before. For me, overcoming the fear of not being good at something in front of a group of friends is an accomplishment in itself.  Have you learned how to do something new this winter?  How did it go?

Now, for your entertainment, a collection of my favorite things found on the web this week:

1.  I absolutely love the idea of these "Wedding by the Numbers" wedding invitations from the Minted website. I wish that I would have thought of a way to incorporate that into our wedding!  Minted is my favorite site for invitations, personal stationery and thank you cards.  If you aren't familiar, definitely check it out!
2. I'm sure many of you know about The Pioneer Woman by now, but I just love visiting her site because it makes me feel like I can cook anything!  I found these Pineapple Chicken Quesadillas to be especially appealing.
3. These cropped jeans from The Limited make me so excited for peeptoes and springtime!  On a related note, these peeptoes from JS by Jessica Simpson make me excited for those cropped jeans.  Weird how that works?
4. Love this pink Kate Spade window display, it makes me sooo (x10) excited to travel to NYC this summer. {via}
5. The whimsy of this new font from Fenotype: Pepita Script really appeals to me. I hope to be able to use it on a project in the future. For me, its a little too informal for a wedding invite, but would work great on a bridal/baby shower or party invitation.  Oh, the possibilities!
6. Urban Scartlet's shop makes me want to craft all.day.long.
7. These tiny initial necklaces on ETSY would be a great personalized birthday gift for anyone. Perfectly understated and so stylish.
8. This amazing find for only $50.00 from Ikea is soon going to become my craft table!

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