Christmas Cookies: Nights 2-5

Sugar Cookies using my Grandma's recipe are THE Christmas tradition in my family.  I have years and years of memories making them.  They are so much work that they are, essentially, a group project.  Last year when my grandpa was sick, I took on the task myself because I wanted that Christmas to include all of my family's traditions even though it was such a difficult year for all of us.  This year, I had my hubby to help with the process, so it went a little more smoothly.  Either way, the entire baking process for only about 4 dozen cookies ended up spanning 3 days.  Good thing that they are oh SO worth it.  Take a look:

crisco (!) sugar, vanilla, salt, and baking powder
creamy and smooth before the flour is added...

5 whole cups of flour go into each batch... carbs, yum.

Bears, Bells, and Trees- oh my!

sugar time

What are your Christmas traditions?  Were you able to accomplish them this year?

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  1. I was able to cram 11 cookies in the VCR! :)


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