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Mums and cornstalks at Harvest Valley Farms {October 2011}
I saw this post this morning over on explore.dream.discover. and thought that it has been wayyy too long since I've done one.  ta-da!

A. Age } 25 ...until Sunday ;)
B. Bed size } King. Big enough for us, and two body pillows, and 800 thread count sheets. They're on the guest bed too. Welcome.
C. Chore that you hate } Taking out the trash. (Unexpected fact: I LOVE doing laundry.)
D. Dogs } None. No pets, not even a fish. I do want a goldfish named Penny soon though. Cute, right?
E. Essential start to your day} Coffee or latte. Always vanilla. Sometimes skinny caramel macchiato.
F. Favorite color} White, but if you won't accept that answer: I prefer color combinations. Right now, loving shades of cool grey paired with Tiffany blue.
G. Gold or silver } I like silver with blacks and pinks, gold with neutrals and blues. My ring is white gold. Best of both worlds?
H. Height } 5’6"
I. Instruments you play } I regret not learning to play any when I was young. Someday, if I have the time, I want to learn to play piano. I have large hands and long fingers, so I've had many people ask me if I play.
J. Job title } Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Marketing Assistant, Wife, Friend, Sister, Martha Stewart-wannabe.
K. Kids } Someday... not soon.
L. Live } Wexford-ish, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
M. Mother’s name } Lynn (my middle name).
N. Nicknames } Vaness (always preferred), Ness, Nessa, Ess, Nessie, Loch Ness Monster. My parents named me 'Vanessa' with the intention that nicknames were not possible. This worked out well.
O. Overnight hospital stays } When I was five to get my tonsils out, then in 2009 to have my upper and lower jaw corrected. 2 years, 4 pins and 26 screws later... I still do not have feeling on the right side of my face from my eye socket to my jaw line. But I have pretty teeth.
P. Pet peeves } Bad spelling and grammar. Laziness. Wasting time.
Q. Quote from a movie } Agnes: "Will you read us a bedtime story?" Gru: "No." Agnes: "Pretty please?" Gru: "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." I <3 this movie. Yea, I'm 25. Whatev.
R. Right or left handed } Write with left, do everything else with right.
S. Siblings } Sister, Andrea, 19.
T. Time it takes you to get ready } To go out on a weekend: 1 hour+. To run errands: 30 minutes or so. I have always been like this, don't really planning on changing unless I become famous and someone gets me ready.
U. Underwear } ...is necessary?
V. Vegetable you hate } Peas. Love love love everything else. Could live on them if I didn't also looove a good, juicy steak :)
W. What makes you run late } Myself.
X. X-rays you’ve had } Jaw, wrist, probably chest?
Y. Yummy food that you make } Buffalo Chicken Dip & my almost famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (but never at the same time).
Z. Zoo animal } I love sea otters, and someday I want to swim with a dolphin. I'm more of an aquarium kind of girl.

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