Here We Go

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first Pittsburgh Steelers game of the 2011-2012 season. As a lifelong Pittsburgher, I know that any time that you have the opportunity to obtain tickets to a game, you take it. Partially because they are super fun to go to, and partially because the season ticket waiting list is more than thirty years long. This particular opportunity included tickets that were not only free, but six rows back on the 20 yard line. WIN!  To make the football-filled day even better, my fantasy football team beat my husband's. (DOUBLE WIN!)  Here are a few of my more favorite snapshots from this memorable experience. Go Steelers!

Have you had the opportunity to attend a professional sporting event this season? Do you prefer to watch football in person or do you prefer to be posted up on your couch cheering on your favorite team at home?

Fans and football,


  1. Thank you for that perfect bum shot of Sepulveda...yuumm

  2. you are so welcome. he's dreamy


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