Friday Finds

photo by yours truly from June of 2010
This week's Friday Finds are an eclectic collection of things I have stumbled across during brief periods of web-perusing within my busy week. I am excited to say that this week brought the final version of Kaira and Tom's wedding invites, and I hope to be able to share a new post about them at the beginning of next week (with Kaira's permission, of course!)  In addition to that, I am planning on getting some more of my art photographed this weekend to add to my web gallery.  I am anticipating nice, relaxing days in order to catch up on some sleep since I will be out of town next weekend with friends for the Wine on the Lake festival in Erie, PA.  Enjoy the Friday Finds and have a great weekend!

  • The wide open space in the background of this print by maechevrette on ETSY reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.  Also, the colors in this piece are so great. 
  • I spent more than an hour this week trying to beat my high score on this game over at I Love Typography. Normally, I am not a game person, but a game about fonts? Yes, please!  What is your highest score?
  • Speaking of fonts, this website is helpful because it identifies fonts used in branding within the real world:  Fonts in Use.  Did you know that 15 of the 20 most common brands use Helvetica?
  • This bag on Endless makes me super excited for summer to get here. Do you know about Endless?  You should. 
  • Adorable St. Patrick's Day photo collage on Erin Ever After- one of my new blog faves!  Loving the mini Guinness.  Also on Erin Ever After: sigh.
  • I am such a fan of this springtime post on Scrapblog. Which image is your favorite?  Here's mine.
  • Hubs got the new HTC Thunderbolt yesterday.  Its really awesome.  I mean out-of-control fast, and even more awesome.  I definitely am jealous, and the huge nerd in me definitely recommends that you go buy one, then download this, this, this and this.

fonts and fridays,

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