Bokeh City Lights

I was searching for an interesting new wallpaper for my phone and I began thinking about what kind of photography I have been drawn to lately.  I always like to have a wallpaper that is colorful, without being too overwhelming so that I am still able to easily navigate through my home screens.  I began by searching 'abstract backgrounds' which eventually lead me to thinking about cities at night, and how a well-composed and well-exposed photo of a city becomes a piece of artwork almost instantly.  Add the 'bokeh' photography technique into the mix, and well, I'm sold.

For those of you who might not know, bokeh is a Japanese term that refers to a style of photography in which a composition is created out of unfocused points of light. 'Bokeh is not how far something is out-of-focus, bokeh is the character of whatever blur is there.' [via]  Bokeh photography can be shot at any time of day, but personally I am partial to the photos taken at night.  Just check out the results from my Google search 'bokeh city lights,' below.  There is just something so surreal and romantic about all of these photos.  Plus, who couldn't love the vivid color schemes?


Colors and creativity,

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