Oh, Kate Spade.

During a mental break today I happened to stumble across the sale section of the Kate Spade website.  Being a girl on a budget, I usually don't tease myself with anything else BUT the sale section, and today I came across this gorgeous little gem.  At $147 for the large size, its quite a deal (more than 50% off).  I am certain that I could fit my whole life in that bag. I absolutely love the feminine floral pattern and the gorgeous neutral gold color. As much as I would love, love, love to be able to talk myself into buying this, or anything on her website, I must learn to be frugal so that someday when I am older and wiser I will be able to afford one or more of Ms. Spade's gorgeous creations. In the meantime, I drool.

Update:  My wonderful hubby had this, a single red rose, and a stuffed monkey (my fave!) waiting for me when I got home yesterday as my Valentine's Day present! His first words? "I read your blog." I am lucky :)

les fetes quinn, sigh. 

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  1. I adore Kate Spade. Yet, don't own anything from her!! I think I need to change this hehe and YOU ARE GORGEOUS! And I know someone with the exact same name of you!! Awesome :) Happy Wednesday girlfriend!! xo


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