Peace, Love and Little Donuts

oreo, sugar, and sprinkles

J and I grabbed lunch at Roland's in the strip district this morning. A good friend of Justin's from college owns Roland's, and it is definitely one of the must-eat, must-visit restaurants in town.  The atmosphere is great, the food is so fresh and delicious, and the balcony is one of the best places to people-watch in the summertime. We always love to end our morning in the strip district there with a few drinks and some amazing seafood.  They have a lobster roll that is 1 lb. of of lobster tail stuffed into butterfly-sliced garlic bread. It is TO-DIE-FOR, and I am not even a big seafood eater. With the amount of lobster you get for only fourteen dollars, it is truly one of the best deals around.

There was a serious frenzy of Steelers fans downtown today preparing for tomorrow's big AFC championship game against the Jets.  Even in the 12 degree weather, there were hundreds of people crowding the streets, purchasing black and gold gear, as well as stocking up on hand (and toe!) warmers for tomorrow night's big game.  You personally could not PAY me to sit outside in this bitter cold for four hours- playoffs or not.  I will be enjoying the game from the comfort of my couch. Warm, toasty, and excited for the black and gold.

We fought the crowds this morning to venture to one of my new favorite places in the strip: Peace, Love and Little Donuts.  The entire store is less than 100 sq. feet, and as soon as you walk in the door, you see the most clever little contraption that drops, fries and flips the famous "little doughnuts," one at a time. I have been to Pittsburgh's strip district many times now, but never ventured far off of Penn Avenue, which is the main business area, to make it to PL&LD. I never knew that I was just steps away from raspberry and strawberry shortcake donuts, bacon-covered maple donuts, strawberry lemonade donuts, and my personal favorite: oreo donuts.  I think that I will definitely be making this one of my staple places to visit on my future trips to the strip. Coffee from La Prima: check.  Donuts from PL&LD: check.  Lobster Roll from Roland's: double check.  Gotta love the 'Burgh.

My list of strip-district must-sees:

Roland's Seafood Grill and Iron Landing
Mon Aimee Chocolates
La Prima Espresso  <- They have an Italian terrible towel! "Il'tovagliolo Terribile"
Penzey's Spices
Pennsylvania Macaroni Company
In The Kitchen
Mancini's Bread Company
Pittsburgh Popcorn Company


  1. mmm...cool! I like it. I want to eat some)))

  2. Hey Vanessa! Looks like you've found some amazing stuff in the Strip. The donuts are outstanding, huh?! Next time you're in the Strip, come down and check out the Public Market! We're right down the street from the donut shop. We have all kinds of tasty goodies! Stop by and say hi - I'll give ya a tote bag!


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