Pink-Soled Heels

I LOVE pink.  When J and I got married, my shoes had pink bottoms(!).  I designed them myself, and they were, in fact, one of my favorite parts of the entire day.  Our photog forgot to take a picture of our rings that day, so this is a little number that I put together to make up for that fact. The next time I have white roses, I'll take another "should have been taken" ring picture. Thank you Nina and Diamond Design Jewelers for giving us the freedom to create and choose such beautiful things. This picture means a lot to me because- in a very personal way- it embodies many of the challenges we met while planning our big day. Sigh.  More on that another time perhaps?

p.s. 4.25 inch heel for NINE HOURS straight!


  1. This photo is so gorgeous!!! Way to go girl :)

  2. Beautiful photo! Can you tell me where you designed your shoes? I've been looking but can't find a place that'll let me do the soles!

  3. Hi Kylie! I designed them on Nina Shoes. They provide even more options for brides than they did two years ago- including jewelry! Here's the link, good luck and have fun :)


    Ps... the shoes are really comfortable, I wore them all day!


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