I LOVE Fall.

Harvest Valley Farms

I love fall. Yet, every year as summer comes to a close, I start to go through withdrawal from my daily dose of sunshine. My favorite part about summer is being outside for hours, not having to worry about what the weather is like inside vs. outside, open-toed shoes, and days that seem like they never end.

Then fall comes barging in around mid-September, and there I am, searching for the jackets and flats that I packed away last May. My 7 a.m. drive to work is dark, and no longer do I feel like my night has just begun after dinner. The cool air working its way through the windows in our house makes me want to plop down on the couch instead of taking on yet another summer night’s adventure.

Fall, don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for you. Mostly because you are a transition time between bikinis and wool coats. One of my favorite parts about living in PA is the fact that we really experience all 4 seasons. Although I wouldn’t trade my tanned skin and flip flops in the summer for anything, fall is still my favorite.

Exhibit A:

Empire Apples

Growing up, I worked at a farm market. (Or I should say an Orchard because J’s family owns a real farm and he insists that where I worked was not a farm.) Either way, whichever one I worked at, really made me appreciate a good, crisp apple. Pictured above is my favorite apple, Empire, which if you haven’t had one, will knock the socks off of any Red Delicious you have ever tried. Do it now!

Furthermore, I love fall because this farm that J spoke of in the early years of dating when he was trying to dis my previous place of employment turned out to be something really awesome. I LOVE going there. I love drive there down the long winding road, I love the smells, the colors of the leaves, the families walking around picking pumpkins, the hot cider that I will never (ever!) get sick of. See Exhibit B, below.

Being at Harvest Valley brings me back to when I was younger, and packing countless barrels of apples like the one above. This year, I enjoyed it from a different perspective since the farm is owned by J’s family. I felt a sense of pride of all of the hard work that they put in to making the experience memorable for those visiting.

I look forward the other pleasures that come as a result of fall: a warm home, spending time with family, and celebrating the upcoming holidays. What is your favorite part of fall?

Oh, and P.S. Another fall recommendation of mine…

Exhibit B:

(Kraken and Apple Cider is YUM.)

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