Birthday Timeeee

Happy Bday to Me
Its my 25th Birthday tomorrow. Or, should I say… it’s the 4th anniversary of my 21st Birthday tomorrow. Either way, birthdays are always a happy time. Really the only day of the year when I feel sort of okay with having the attention be on me. I LOVE making people feel special on their birthdays, but it took me a while before I was okay with having people do the same for me.

My never-ever-could-actually-happen birthday list for this year is:
1. A nook to sleep in just like this.
2. This camera so that I can explore photography.
3. A powerful lappy that lets me feel professional but doesn’t weigh 11 lbs, ugh.
4. Aaaaand a fun night out in these

If I had a million dollars, perhaps I could make all of that happen. Having a semi-unrealistic wish list is good motivation to work hard and hope that I will be able to afford at least one of those things someday.

Until then, I’ll look forward to spending this quarter-of-a-century birthday with friends and family, celebrating the things that I do have. I learned so much about life in my 24th year… the biggest lesson of which being that it can be cut short at any moment. With that, having to say my first real ‘goodbye’ to a close family member taught me that you can never hold on to someone too tight.

So, I will begin my 25th year with the appreciation of good health, good friends, a loving family and a beautiful home to live in. Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the best birthdays. Although, pink glittery pumps aren’t so bad either ;) Cheers!

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